How we sort and use old fabric

We recieve all sorts of fabrics and we love the challenge of being able to work with almost all unwanted textiles. At the moment we are given enough textiles by our friends, family and regular customers to KEEP us fully stocked! We receive old curtains, clothes that can't be mended, small offcuts of fabric stashes and even unwanted sofa covers! So that we can use everything that is kindly given to us  we have developed a sorting, cutting and making process to utilise every single bit. 

Our Process

After washing the fabric we check for any remained holes, stains or fading. The size of the undamaged fabric determins the project: 

  • large peices is printed on with our own designs on or as backing for our cushions.
  • smaller peices of undamaged fabric are used for scarves and bags
  • Tiny offcuts are used in textile artwork and rag rugs
  • Fabric with bold dated pattern or fading is cut into long stripes for our baskets and rugs

We are really proud of our process because it really does help us get the most out of the textiles ensuring as much as possible is used again. 

We also adore the process of matching different colours, creating different colour blocks and seeing the fabrics take on a new life. It is not a quick process to sort and cut out old bits of fabric but we believe it brings an indivduality and respect for resources that is essential for our world.