Braided Rugs and Baskets

Colour and Texture

We really love putting different  colour palettes of fabric together to make our rugs and baskets. We cut out any damage in the fabric and make long strips for braiding. At this point we are working with the colour and the texture of the fabric. 

Reuse Textiles

We use textiles that would have been thrown away. So a piece of clothing that can't be mended or a pair of curtains that the print is dated and no one wants to use. We have a grading system for the fabric and that decides which product it is used for. To find out more about how we use all textiles, please click here. How at Keepers Makers we use all fabric. 

Made to last

Our rugs and baskets are machine stiched giving extra durability because we are in it for the long haul. We want them to last  and the ones we have kept have been thoroughly road tested through pets, toddlers, camping and even oil covered engineering husbands!